Ridgefield Girls Soccer Team’s Title Defense Will Mark End Of Glorious 6-Year Run

RIDGEFIELD — Phil Bergen, the veteran coach of the Ridgefield High School boys soccer team, has coached females just once in his career, for two years, in 1999-2000. His U12 team that first year advanced all the way to the State Cup final.

“It was probably the best two years I’ve ever had coaching,” Bergen recalled. “They were all very coachable, very attentive. You could tell they were going to do damage but you never know how much.”

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With Decision To Return, Darien’s Martinez Proves True Blue

DARIEN — What appeared to be a difficult decision for Pablo Martinez turned out to be a quick and stress-free choice.

Martinez could have played academy soccer, a year-round commitment that would have precluded him from returning to the Darien High School team. Or Martinez could return to the Blue Wave and take care of some unfinished business.


Ridgefield’s Optimism Due In Part To Passing Fancy

RIDGEFIELD — Tommy Jordan, the former star Ridgefield High School lineman, was working with his alma mater recently when coach Kevin Callahan asked him if he thought the Tigers used the right offense his senior year.

Jordan, whose college career at Florida was cut short by injury, according to Callahan had a succinct response: “No, we should have been in the spread.”


The Ruden Report Live Starts Aug. 29 On WSTC

When WSTC approached me a month ago about hosting my own high school sports-talk radio show, the decision did not come immediately.

Radio is the one medium I have never worked in, and by no means do I think it is an easy one. Someone suggested that since I interview people all the time for stories, this would not be much different. That was too simplistic.


Q & A With Greenwich Football Coach John Marinelli

The hiring of John Marinelli at Greenwich a year ago created a buzz throughout the FCIAC. He was just 29 years old, and the son of — and offensive coordinator for — New Canaan’s Lou Marinelli, one of the most successful coaches in state history.

Instead of chasing a CIAC championship, Marinelli had to endure a 4-5 record in his first season as he worked on putting into place what he said is a five-year plan to put in all the changes he feels are necessary.


Q & A With Staples Football Coach Marce Petroccio

Last year could hardly be called a failure for the Staples football team. The Wreckers went 7-3, reaching the state playoffs before being routed by eventual champion Darien in the opening round.

But coach Marce Petroccio holds his program to the highest standards, the result of five league and three state titles during his 23 years at the school. The trophy case has had no new additions since 2012.