Commentary: FCIAC Sports In 2016 Offered Welcome Reprieve From Outside World

If you have scanned your Twitter feed at any point during the past month, it is easy to see why there is a strong sentiment to give 2016 a swift kick into the rear-view mirror. Often this has been in response to the growing list of celebrity losses in the entertainment world; we have seen the deaths of an extraordinary number of performers with visionary talent, especially in the music world.

Girls Swimming

Czulewicz Sisters Continue To Excel In The Pool, Now At Central Connecticut

NORWALK — In praising the trajectory of one of her life-long teammate’s swimming career, Stephanie Czulewicz said of her sister Lauren, “She is so much better than everyone else that they move her up. She wanted to follow in my footsteps basically.”

Stephanie’s words were followed with a smile and chuckle, which is almost always the case. But don’t let the delivery mask the sincerity.

For one, Lauren admits to looking up to her sister, older by just one year. More importantly, Stephanie has been blazing a trail of distinctions and Lauren is quite literally following in her footsteps, or rather ripples.


Super 6: Vote for the BlueStreak-Ruden Report Fall Female Player of the Year

After a long list of memorable accomplishments over the past two months, it is time for you to decide who was the very best of the best. We have selected six outstanding finalists for our BlueStreak-Ruden Report FCIAC Fall Female Player of the Year award.

The winner will receive a trophy from BlueStreak Sports Training and The Ruden Report.

Here are the finalists, who were all named to the All-FCIAC and All-State teams, and their accomplishments (based on information submitted by coaches):