Photo Essay: Through The Lens With Austin Carfi

I met Austin Carfi by accident.

In February I wrote a story on Natalie Brassinga, a Ridgefield High School soccer player and talented artist. She sent me some artistic photos of her shot by Austin. When I needed some non-action pictures to accompany the feature, Austin took them at the last moment.


Commentary: For Another Spring, Darien Has Earned The Title ‘Sports Town, USA’

For well over two decades now, once winter has morphed into spring, Darien has been known as Lacrosse Town, U.S.A., or some similar derivation. Children are given toy sticks not long after losing baby teeth, the youth programs are a model for success and both the boys and girls high school teams from this small tony town are no longer just state, but now regional and national powers as well.

But as Chris Manfredonia, the high school’s athletic director, recently noted, Lacrosse Town is too limited in scope.

“We have a variety of strong programs from the youth to high school levels,” Manfredonia said. “It’s Sports Town, U.S.A.


Darien’s Dillon Schoen Earns Rave Reviews For Choices Off Of And Play On The Field

DARIEN — She is among the best players in the history of one of the state’s premier high school programs, with the ability to play at the very highest collegiate level, yet opted to take the road less traveled.

She took up a new sport to stay in shape for another, achieved outstanding success and had what she said was one of the best experiences of her four years at Darien High School.

But what makes Dillon Schoen such a compelling figure is not just her many achievements but the manner in which they were attained.