Five Questions: Trumbull’s Chris Brown

Trumbull shortstop Chris Brown fields a ground ball Friday against Ridgefield. (Mark Conrad)

Trumbull’s boys basketball and baseball teams have been a perennial winner the last few years, which has coincided with the performance of Chris Brown.

Brown has won All-FCIAC honors in both sports. He was one of the league’s top shortstops a year ago, and played a big part in the Eagles winning the regular-season title in basketball this winter. When league coaches discussed their favorite players, Brown was at the top of the conversation for his hard-nosed play.

TRR’s Sammy Lindell caught up with Brown on Friday afternoon after a game against Ridgefield for Five Questions.

TRR: You’ve had a great career playing for Trumbull. What are you going to miss the most?

CB: Definitely the team and going to school with all these guys. (I’ll also miss) the town coming out to support all of us… but mainly the atmosphere at games and the kids.

TRR: What’s more rewarding to you: making a great play in the field or having a great at bat?

CB: I’d say they’re pretty equal. It depends on the situation honestly, like if we are down. Personally, I probably like making a play in the field better because I know I got the out.

TRR: You’re committed to UConn for baseball. What made you decide on UConn?

CB: I picked UConn because it’s probably the best baseball school in the Northeast and it’s a great academic school. I love the coaching staff and it’s just great there.

TRR: What skills can you correlate between baseball and basketball that help you perform well?

CB: Just not getting down if something isn’t going your way. When you don’t know for sure what’s going to happen, you have to stay up and keep your team up.

TRR: If you couldn’t play sports what extracurricular activity would you do?

CB: Can it be a sport? I don’t know…maybe (pause). A singer? Yeah well my name is Chris Brown.

(Five Questions will be a recurring series to get to better know athletes and coaches.)

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