Five Questions: Darien’s Henry Williams

Henry Williams just finished a standout career at Darien. Next stop: Duke. (Matt Dewkett)

Henry Williams has been one of the FCIAC’s top players for four years, making an impression from the outset and quickly emerging as the Darien baseball team’s top pitcher.

This year he started a league quarterfinal playoff game for the third straight year. Next year Williams takes his talents to Duke.

The Ruden Report’s Sammy Lindell caught up with Williams after a regular season game against Westhill.

TRR: There are so many good No. 1 pitchers in the league. What is it like to go up against one of them?

HW: It’s an exciting match every single time, because you get to go up and compete against someone else who is really good. I know Montana (Semmel) threw yesterday, so I would have loved to go up against him today, but it’s awesome.

TRR: You committed to Duke pretty early. Why?

HW: Just a combination of good athletics and academics. It has sort of always been my dream school.


TRR: Even with the success that Darien has had for the past few years, baseball seems to get overshadowed by lacrosse. Does that bother you at all?

HW: Yeah we get overshadowed a bit, but when the lacrosse team is going 23-0 one season, they deserve to be recognized. They deserve that spotlight; we like who we are, we like what we do…we aren’t really worried about the recognition we get from it.

TRR: The Darien field is envied by the rest of the rest of the league. Do you think you have an advantage playing on your home field?

HW: Absolutely, we get an opportunity to come out here earlier because the snow melts for us. Being able to get out here and work on our defense earlier than other teams is awesome.

TRR: Post Corner Pizza and Heights Pizza tend to have a rivalry in town, so which one do you like better?

HW: I know it’s not a choice, but I’m going to go with Colony. I could eat Colony every day.