Five Questions: Fairfield Ludlowe’s Vince Camera

Vince Camera is one of Fairfield Ludlowe’s offensive leaders. (Matt Dewkett)

Vince Camera has been one of the keys to the Fairfield Ludlowe baseball team the past three seasons, and this year his production has contributed to a 15-2 start and, by tiebreaker over Staples, the best record in the FCIAC following yesterday’s 14-0 win over the Wreckers.

Camera had two hits and drove in three runs in the game.

The Ruden Report’s Sammy Lindell caught up with Camera after yesterday’s win.

TRR: After having some time to process things over the last day, can you believe you guys run-ruled Staples?

VC: I believe it because (our team works) really hard. We got our bats going, our pitching working and I’m really satisfied with the outcome. We kept (Staples) in check, which is a really great accomplishment since they are ranked so high. Staples has proved themselves in the past, so it’s good to keep up with a team that has had a solid history.

TRR: Ludlowe was a 500 team last year and so far you only have two losses. How does it feel to know that the team has come so far?
VC: It’s a great feeling to know we have improved so much. We knew we were capable of winning last year; this year we have been taking it game by game. We go into each game with confidence, which helps us in the long run.


TRR: What are the keys to winning one or two titles after a solid regular season?

VC: I think it’s important to make sure we don’t get too far ahead of ourselves. We just have to take it one game at a time, as we always do, and get after it game by game. Teams at that level of play are tough, so it’s important that we don’t take our foot off the gas. 

TRR: What’s more rewarding: beating Staples or Fairfield Warde?

VC: Oof (pause). That’s a tough one. I mean, you really want to beat Warde because the rivalry is great and both teams step it up for those games, but beating (Staples), one of the best teams in the state, is more rewarding in my opinion.  

TRR: Not including baseball, what would be the hardest thing for you to give up?

VC: The hardest thing to give up would be time spent with my friends. It’s always nice to chill and relax with my teammates and “the boys” after a big win, tough loss or just kicking back for a regular, relaxing day.