Five Questions: New Canaan Cornerback Drew Guida

New Canaan’s Drew Guida tries to pick off a pass at the Grip It & Rip It Tournament.

This week we play Five Questions with a number of players who took part this past weekend in the Grip It & Rip It Tournament at New Canaan. Next up is Drew Guida, who led New Canaan, which reached the Class LL championship game, with six interceptions.

TRR: Is it hard transitioning into football right from lacrosse?

DG: No. All of us were ready to get back into the weight room after lacrosse season. We took a couple of days off and then we got right into a rhythm. 

TRR: Do all the 7 on 7s you go to make it easier after you’ve been playing a different sport?

DG: They do. We went to Rutgers, Fordham. We had our own. Every Sunday night. Just getting the rhythm back. Plus for the DBs getting the rhythm going together. Coming out like this and playing your first game. It’s just fun.

TRR: Is this one in New Canaan more fun than all the others?


DG: Yes. Being home, that’s the best. You don’t have to wake up at 6 and take a two-hour drive or something like that. It’s just fun being home.

TRR: What is the outlook for this season? You lost a lot of talent from the team that went to the state championship game but you have a lot of good returning players as well.

DG: I’ve got faith in us. A lot of people are saying we lost a lot. We did lose a bunch of good, good seniors who made a path for us, but I’ve got confidence in us. It’s all about what we believe rather than what other people believe.

TRR: Who is one player we don’t know about right now who we should keep an eye on?

DG: I’m going to go with Bates Grigsby. Cornerback. Big guy. Probably our biggest D-Back. He’s working hard, getting bigger, stronger and faster.