Five Questions: New Canaan’s Zach LaPolice

Zach LaPolice carries the ball for New Canaan during Saturday’s state playoff game against Wilton. (Matt Dewkett)

For the second time in five years, the New Canaan football team will have a captain from the same family. And like his brother Alex, the Rams’ Zach LaPolice will wear the same jersey number.

LaPolice has forged his own path in the spring. He started playing lacrosse two years ago and has become a key player for the Rams, which won the FCIAC championship two weeks ago.

The Ruden Report’s Sammy Lindell recently caught up with LaPolice.

TRR: You wear the same uniform No. 7 in football that your brother Alex did. Why did you choose that? Some may think you’re setting yourself up to be compared to him.

ZL: I decided to wear No. 7 because I have always looked up to (my brother). It has never been a compare and contrast kind of thing, I think that it has always been our characters building off each other. Wearing his number and making it my own gave me a way to create my own dent in New Canaan football.

TRR: You come from a baseball family. What got you into lacrosse?

ZL: In my eighth grade summer going into high school I was debating on whether to keep playing baseball or not. Many of my friends were playing lacrosse. I wanted to keep doing something with my friends and play a sport that could help me out with football. I decided to join lacrosse and it worked out pretty well.


TRR: You’re getting recruited right now. Would you rather play football or lacrosse in college?

ZL: I’m leaning towards football right now, but whatever sport can get me to the best college academics-wise for the sake of my future. I’m looking for an all around great family atmosphere. With a football or lacrosse team, it would be like being part of a family. But I also want a school that’s prestigious and can help me in the future, since not everyone goes to the NFL or NLL.

TRR: What sport do you feel more pressure to perform better in: football or lacrosse?

ZL: That’s a good question, but to be honest I don’t feel too much pressure in either. Maybe (I will) in the first few games of the season, since I felt chosen to help make an impact with my teammates for the season. Both sports are so compatible, and I just go out and play. At the end of the day I’m just playing with my brothers I’ve grown up with, so I don’t feel too much pressure in either sport.

TRR: What’s one skill that you’d like to master that’s non-sports related?

ZL: I used to play piano when I was younger, so maybe mastering that again. Being able to play piano would be kind of cool.