Five Questions: Westhill’s Montana Semmel

Montana Semmel and Westhill are off to a good start this season. (Matt Dewkett)

STAMFORD — Good things usually happen when Montana Semmel is on the mound. The ace of the Westhill pitching staff, Semmel dealt Staples, the last unbeaten team in FCIAC play, a 7-2 loss on Monday.

Semmel is equally adept at the plate for one of the league’s best offensive teams. Semmel has committed to playing next year for Chipola College.

The Ruden Report’s Sammy Lindell caught up with Semmel after a game last week.

TRR: On days when you’re a designated hitter and not on the field, is it more difficult to focus on the game?

MS: Not really, it doesn’t bother me that much. I just focus on winning the game and doing my part as a team player.

TRR: Who’s your favorite major league player and why?

MS: Mike Trout…I’ve always liked him. He’s a great player all around and I love looking up to him.


TRR: The dimensions on your field are different than most. Do you prefer to pitch at home or on the road?

MS: It’s a bit small here, but it doesn’t really matter to me. I try to go out (on the field) and do my best, and whatever happens, happens.

TRR: You seem pretty vocal on the field, you’re always cheering on your teammates. Is that a reflection of your personality in general?

MS: Yeah, I mean it has to come from someone. It’s important to pick up the team when we’re down. It’s also part of my responsibility as a captain.  

TRR: If you could be named after a different state what would it be and why?

MS: (Pause) Probably Connecticut, since it’s where I’m from (laughs).