Fun Facts: Darien’s Connor O’Malley

(Fun Facts, where we find out more about FCIAC athletes, was a regular feature on The Ruden Report Overtime newsletter. Until we start publishing the newsletter again, we are posting them here. We are dedicating this week, due to the absence of Thanksgiving games, to football players.)

A new Fun Facts with Darien’s Connor O’Malley.

What is your favorite pregame ritual? My favorite pregame ritual is listening to music while reviewing the gameplan for that game. 

What is your go-to night-before-a-game meal and why? On top of the pasta dinner the night before the game, I additionally eat three cheeseburgers later that evening.

What is a memory about Darien football that you will miss as you head off to college? One memory about Darien football that I will miss as I head off to college is the links meetings before the big games. The meetings seem to bring the team closer together and yield a sense of pride in your teammates.

How has football shaped you into the person you are now? Football has helped shape me into the person I am now through the countless lessons it has taught me. First off, football has taught me a sense of community and and brotherhood. Secondarily, football has instilled a work ethic in me that I wouldn’t have learned anywhere else. Lastly, football has taught me how to be a good person and what it means to have your teammate’s back, both on and off the field.

What does a Thanksgiving Day football game mean to you? The Turkey Bowl is one of two circles on my calendar every year (the state championship being the other). The Turkey Bowl is representative of all of the work that we have put in during the off-season, whether it be lifting, 7 on 7, film sessions and/or lineman challenges, it all finally pays off on Thanksgiving morning. Not to mention the immense amount of support from the town and the alumni who come back to Darien eagerly rallying behind us.


What separates your team from other teams? One thing that I think separates my team from other teams is our relentless passion for perfection. In all facets of the game, the coaches and the players all strive for precision and stop at nothing to achieve it. In addition, the brotherhood that Darien football constitutes is unparalleled by any other sport or team. 

What is something you like to do when you’re not playing football? When I am not playing football, I enjoy playing golf, beating Jackson Walsh in Madden and doing math homework. 

Whats your favorite song to listen to before a game and why? My favorite song to listen to before a game is Dreams and Nightmares by Meek Mill.

— Rachel Pyne

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