The Ruden Report Podcast: Guests — Ryan Cornell, Alyssa Bonanno, Ben Casparius

Welcome to the debut of The Ruden Report Podcast. As I wrote for the description here on the podcast homepage: The Ruden Report Podcast With Dave Ruden is your destination for in-depth interviews with Fairfield County’s top sports newsmakers and commentary provided by award-winning writer Dave Ruden, who has been covering the FCIAC for 33 years. Fans can listen to conversations with the players, coaches and the personalities who drive sports in the area.

Brief background: I hosted a local radio show back in September and October. When I opted to discontinue it, the one regret was that I had learned to enjoy the format and the ability to conduct more in-depth interviews.

I have recently also become a fan of podcasts on the consumer end. I have subscribed to several in areas of interest like sports, music and politics, and they are good entertainment on car drives, at the gym or working in front of the computer.

A Ruden Report podcast, at a time the format has become so popular, seemed like a natural next step.


For my first episode, like my old radio show I decided to have three guests, and chose athletes that I know better than some others because besides being outstanding at their sports, as you will hear they are extremely well-spoken. So Darien’s Ryan Cornell talks about the success of the boys lacorsse program, currently on a 52-game winning streak, Ridgefield’s Alyssa Bonanno discusses a banner year at the school and I spoke with Ben Casparius on the day he was named Gatorade Connecticut Baseball Player of the Year.

A few quick thank-yous: first obviously to Ryan, Alyssa and Ben for taking the time, and especially to Cooper Boardman, my technological seeing-eye dog, who helped with all the set up and post-production, and designed the logo. Finally, to Art19, which agreed to take me on as a client even though they usually deal with much larger media outlets.

I hope you enjoy this debut episode, subscribe to the podcast when it becomes available on iTunes, hopefully later this week, and take the time to provide any feedback, positive or negative, so I can make this your weekly must-listen.