Field Hockey

Senior Moments: Wilton’s Olivia Hahn

Olivia Hahn’s career with Wilton is over, but she stays busy playing field hockey in the offseason.

With senior athletes seeing the final months of their high school careers affected both on and off the fields and away from the gyms, The Ruden Report today starts a new series, Senior Moments, to put the spotlight on some of the best of the Class of 2020.

We kick it off with Wilton’s Olivia Hahn, one of the state’s top field hockey stars, who in the fall will be playing for Boston College.

TRR: Between your club team and Futures, you were playing field hockey four to five times a week. What has been the most difficult part of not being able to play now?

OH: It’s definitely hard. I’ve found ways to be able to go and practice. My club coach also holds some private sessions where we can. That’s been helpful. I work on little skills and stuff on my own sometimes. It’s definitely hard not going out as much as I could be and playing.

TRR: What are you able to do on your own?

OH: I’ve been to go to Wilton Sport & Fitness and use their turf a little bit. I don’t know what that’s going to be like going forward. Otherwise I just practice in my backyard.

TRR: What else have you been doing to occupy your time?

OH: I’ve been doing a lot of cooking, baking. In the time we’ve had off I’ve been trying to stay in shape, go on runs, working out in my house.

TRR: Since you play a fall sport at the high school and got in your senior season, do you think that makes it easier than if field hockey was played in the spring?


OH: Definitely. I can’t even imagine having to not play your senior year. For all the other athletes…that would be devastating.

TRR: There are certain highlights in the spring for seniors. Which one are you most worried about missing?

OH: One thing that comes to mind right now, with the loss of school days, not being able to go on internships and stuff like that. That’s a huge part of the year for seniors. If we don’t get to leave early that would be awful. Just graduation alone, not being able to have that experience.

TRR: Have you come to terms with the possibility that the rest of a traditional senior year could be over?

OH: Yeah, I’ve definitely been thinking about it, but I’ve been trying to be optimistic and kind of taking it week by week as it goes. It is so hard to have a full grasp of what is going on, especially with all the uncertainty that is going around across the board.

TRR: What is the highlight of your Wilton sports career?

OH: “Probably my freshman year, when Wilton field hockey won the FCIAC championship. I had such a great team that year. That was one of my favorite coaches of all time. That was just an awesome experience, especially as a freshman, to have.

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