Five Questions: Greenwich’s Grace Fahey

Grace Fahey recently scored her 100th goal for the Greenwich girls lacrosse team.

Greenwich’s Grace Fahey recorded her 100th career goal last month. With their third coach in three years, the Cardinals have rebounded from a slow start and their record has hovered around the .500 mark.

Fahey has been a bright spot, and the Davidson-bound senior is hoping to lead a push to make Greenwich a postseason sleeper.

TRR: You recently scored your 100th career goal. Does one stand out more than any other?

GF: I can’t think of one that really stands out. I think the most special ones are always the ones that come off of good plays, where there’s a big save and the ball is run down the field and there’s that bang-bang, quick transition goal. Those are definitely my favorite ones.

TRR: When teams are out to try and contain you, how do you compensate to be successful?

GF: It’s just important to be really flexible. I know I’m mostly scouted from behind the net. Seen as an X player. This year I’ve been trying to dodge from all over the eight. Also as a younger player I was seen as a feeder when I was a sophomore. As my game has developed I’ve become a threat both as a dodger and a feeder. It makes it more difficult to defend when you can do both.

TRR: You’ve had three different coaches in three years. That’s a very difficult situation. Has there been a positive?

GF: It’s been difficult not having a consistent head coach the last three years but I think (assistant) coach (Megan) Wax has been with us through it all and she’s been a great role model and a great coach. We’ve all become really close with her, which is nice. Another positive is due to the lack of continuity with the coaching staff our team has become that much closer because we know we all have each other and we’ve had each other all four years. It has brought the unity of the team together.

TRR: Like most top lacrosse players you end up playing against your club coach. What is it like when you go against Darien and Lisa Lindley, who runs the Grizzlies program?

GF: Lisa has probably been the most consistent coach in my lacrosse career. She’s been my club coach since Chargers, which was like 5th grade when I started with her. I don’t think I go into games against her any differently. I want to show my best self in front of her but she knows who I am as a player. She probably scouts me pretty well but I don’t think I go into games any differently if it was a coach that I didn’t know.

TRR: What is your most unusual hobby?

GF: I actually never was a very artistic person but when I got to the high school I took ceramics, which I really enjoyed. I ended up in honors art doing ceramics. That’s probably my most unusual hobby because most people don’t think of me as an artistic person.

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