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The Ruden Report has transitioned to a paywall model. Readers need a subscription to gain access to the site.

So what is the cost? It is UP2U. Kids should not have to pay to read about themselves. Everyone 18 and under continues to get free access. All Team and Player of the Week votes, plus The Ruden Report podcast, will also be available to the public at no cost.

For all other readers, it is “pay what you think The Ruden Report is worth to you.” The suggested price is $25 a year. Readers that value what you get from one of the only remaining digital outlets that provide FCIAC coverage will hopefully consider subscribing at the higher price points.

The biggest complaint I get remains why I don’t cover more games and get to more stories. That is also my wish — I want to bring you more FCIAC coverage. Joining the many media companies that have put up paywalls, to be paid for our work, will allow me to do this.

The Ruden Report is the only site dedicated solely to the FCIAC. What is that worth?

It is UP2U.

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