1 On 1 With PPH: Fairfield Ludlowe’s Aaron Field

Fairfield Ludlowe’s Aaron Field.

Polly Parsons-Hills is a New Canaan senior and social media specialist for The Ruden Report. For this new feature she will interview FCIAC athletes to learn about their interests away from the competition.

Fairfield Ludlowe touchdown machine Aaron Field takes his turn going 1 on 1.

PPH: What is your go-to coffee and sandwich order?

AF: I’m not a big coffee drinker but my favorite sandwich is either the Fairfield U Panini from Firehouse Deli or the Shack Attack from Reef Shack in Fairfield. 

PPH: Do you have any pregame rituals? 

AF: I try to eat a turkey sandwich several hours before the game to make sure my blood sugar is ready to go (I have Type 1 diabetes). I get taped up by our wonderful trainer Mel and get hyped up listening to music in the locker room with my teammates. I also spend a lot of time visualizing the game before it happens.

PPH: After a loss, how do you and your team hit the “reset button” and get back on your A game?

AF: We have a really amazing group of coaches that know how to push us and make us better. Following a loss, our coaches and great group of upperclassmen really set the tone in practice and make sure everyone is focused that week.

PPH: Do you have any pets or siblings?

AF: I have a sister in eighth grade named Lucy and the coolest Shih-Zhu dog named Ozzy.

PPH: Who/what never fails to make you laugh?

AF: My closest friends (shoutout Entourage) and any Will Ferrell movie.

PPH: How have the past teams you’ve been on made you a better player?

AF: I’m really thankful for the amazing coaches I’ve had in the past and teams I’ve been a part of. Last year specifically, was my first year of varsity football. The team and especially senior class last year welcomed me with open arms. They pushed each other to be better in practice but had each other’s backs outside of Football. That team taught me what it meant to be a teammate and not only made me into a better player but a better person as well. Last year’s captains were such role models and I try to lead my team this year the way they did.

PPH: If you had three wishes what would they be?

AF: One million dollars, world peace, three more wishes.

PPH: What is one piece of advice you have for underclassmen looking to succeed in school? What about on the field?

AF: I would say time management is a big challenge for many student athletes. If you can manage your time well as an underclassmen and develop good habits it makes it a lot easier to succeed when you’re an upperclassmen. Also challenge yourself and cherish your time because it really goes by quickly.

PPH: Name one place you want to travel to and explain why.

AF: Italy because I love Italian food.

PPH: What are you going to dress up as for Halloween?

AF: Top Gun pilots with my friends.

PPH: How would your coaches and teammates describe you?

AF: I hope they would describe me as a team player. Any success I have is a result of my coaches’ game plan, offensive line, quarterback and every single one of my teammates. Everybody has a role to fill, whether it’s scout team or starting varsity players, that contributes to our team’s success.

PPH: What is the craziest food combination you have ever tried? Was it any good?

AF: It’s not a combination but the craziest food I’ve ever eaten was guinea pig in Ecuador. It tasted like chicken.