A Love Of Sports And Social Media Opening Doors For Stamford’s Brittany Martin


Brittany Martin (center) has combined a love of sports and social media to gain experiences uncommon for a high school senior

Brittany Martin (center) has combined a love of sports and social media to gain experiences uncommon for a high school senior

STAMFORD — Brittany Martin has been playing sports her entire life. She has been cheerleading since the third grade and playing lacrosse since middle school. In fact, sports have always been the one thing that Martin has loved the most, until she found something this summer that just might prove their rival.

Martin took advantage of a unique opportunity for someone her age — a rising senior at the Academy of Information Technology and Engineering in Stamford — working for Briana Barack and her company, Briana and Co. Martin took the role of promoting Barack’s rising company all over social media as well as helping to design and launch the company’s new website.

“Working for Briana Barack this summer has been amazing,” Martin said. “Briana and Co. is still in its newer phases, so it’s been really cool to watch it grow along with her.”

Before this summer, a future career was far from the first thing on Martin’s mind. She was busy cheering for the Westhill varsity squad — since AITE has no sports programs, students can compete for the public schools they would have been districted for — as well as taking on the responsibilities of being a junior captain for the lacrosse team. However, she has always been on social media sites, and once she was given the chance to get a feel for what a job in the field might be like, she seized it.

“I haven’t considered social media as a career, but working so regularly on it, in addition to web design, has really allowed me to see all of the opportunities in various fields, so who knows honestly,” Martin said.

Martin’s biggest project this summer was taking Barack’s website, cafesociety.cool, and building it from the ground up to turn it into Brack’s vision of a platform to discuss all sorts of subjects combining her experiences in business, life coaching and more.

A student at AITE, Brittany Martin is also a captain for Westhill's girls lacrosse team.

A student at AITE, Brittany Martin is also a captain for Westhill’s girls lacrosse team.


“We’ve been working a lot on promoting social media, but the coolest thing was launching her website, just because we put so many hours into it, and watching it come out exactly how she wanted it was super cool,” she said.

For a student her age, Martin is considered ahead of the game when it comes to experience and resume building, and it doesn’t stop at the end of the summer. She has another door open for her right here at The Ruden Report to delve more into social media, but this time she can combine her love of sports.

“I think working for The Ruden Report will be really cool. Sports and social media are two of the things that I love the most, so being able to put the two of them together is something that I think it’s going to be really eye opening,” Martin said.

Although she still has plenty of time to figure out what she wants to do in the future, Martin has already taken the first few steps to get there. In terms of college, she doesn’t think she will continue to play varsity sports wherever she chooses to go.

“Having played on varsity lacrosse for four years, I think a lot of people expect me to want to continue that in college,” she said.

Instead, she hopes to cheer or play lacrosse at the club or intramural level so that she can stay involved and have a fun outlet to stay in shape. Although she may leave them behind to focus on a career path once she gets to college, sports have taught Martin invaluable lessons that she has been able to apply to her endeavors this summer.

“Being a varsity athlete, in addition to being a captain, I’ve learned a lot about responsibility, which is why I think is probably the most important thing I’ve learned,” she said.

Martin has demonstrated that responsibility in all of her work with the growing Briana and Co. and helping put it on the map, and will continue to show all that she has learned moving forward as she explores a world of an old and new passion: sports and social media.