After Catch, Ludlowe’s Arman Enjoys National Spotlight


Mikey Arman

By Dave Ruden

Mikey Arman finally succumbed to the daily pleas in homeroom at Fairfield Ludlowe from his good friend, Matt White, who happens to be the quarterback of the school’s football team.

“He would ask me to play every day,” Arman said. “I had nothing better to do so I figured, ‘Why not?’ ”

The 13th catch of Arman’s career put him in the national spotlight. His sensational 66-yard touchdown catch, off a deflection from a teammate’s facemask, on Saturday gave the Falcons a 35-31 win over Warren Harding. The video of the play (see below) ended up on both ESPN’s site as well as Deadspin.

“Matt White threw the ball to me and I went up my highest,” Arman said. “I could only get a hand on it. The ball hit off of Patrick O’Leary’s facemask and tipped to me.”

Arman was self-effacing describing the play.

“It was just shock, I didn’t realize it,” Arman said. “It was just a lucky play. I was as surprised just as much as the fans were.”

Arman awoke to a text message Monday morning informing him the play was posted on ESPN. He didn’t know what Deadspin was until Monday night.


“It’s nice,” Arman said. “I don’t have too much of an opinion on it.”

A play that required quick reflexes should not have come as a surprise: Arman is one of the stars of Ludlowe’s baseball team and has a scholarship in his back pocket from Central Connecticut State University.

Somewhat overlooked is that the Falcons are now 3-1 under first-year coach Vinnie Camera, which Arman said was most important to him.

“It’s nice to see Ludlowe football turning around because we don’t have the reputation, Arman said. “We just want to keep winning. It finally hit me we have a chance not just to have a record over .500 but to make the playoffs for once. We can do it with our schedule and the coaches that we have.”

So is Arman glad that White finally got his way?

“It’s fun,” Arman said of playing football. It’s nice to have a hobby.”