Darien Wins Voting Portion Of Southfield Center Fan Showdown


Darien High School took first place in the voting portion of The Ruden Report’s Fan Showdown, sponsored by The Southfield Center for Development. The Blue Wave get 5 points for their victory. Ridgefield finished in second place and will receive 3 points and Stamford came in third and earned 1 point.

The overall winner of the contest will receive $500 for its school’s athletic department.

In the second component of the contest, each school will submit a video no longer than three minutes showing their fans in action at a game or games of its choosing. We want to see loyalty, creativity and not rowdy misbehavior. I will arrange with a contact person from each school to receive the videos. The deadline for the videos is Feb. 9.


As we receive the videos, we will post them for viewing. A panel of our sponsors will then judge the videos. They will give a 3 to the best one, 2 for the second-best and 1 for the third-best. The school that earns the most overall points, like with the voting, will get 5 points, second place will be worth 3 points and third place worth 1 point.

We will add up the points from the vote and the videos to determine the winner. If two schools tie, we will give them the option to agree on holding another vote to break it or to split the $500.

So check back to watch the videos as we determine the winner of the 3rd annual Ruden Report’s Southfield Center Fan Showdown.