FCIAC Player Of The Week: Staples Cheerleader Remi Levitt

Staples cheerleader Remi Levitt is our first spring sports postponement Player of the Week.

Once spring sports were postponed, I knew I wanted to continue our Player of the Week award and I knew I wanted to recognize athletes who were doing charitable work to help others. I also knew it would not be a vote: how are you going to select between students all trying to do the same good for their communities?

I now also know this award may be more than weekly: I not only want to shine the spotlight on the students but also be a platform to help them accomplish their goals.

And once I got introduced this morning to Remi Levitt, a junior cheerleader at Staples, I knew who the first winner was.

Levitt has her own website, Coat of Love, which we will get into in a moment. She is in the middle of a clothing drive to help those affected by COVID-19.

“I was trying to think of ways to fill up time and I like to organize,” Levitt said. “I went into all of our closets to do un-cluttering and there was so much stuff. I was going to go to Goodwill and then I thought there are so many people financially impacted. I’m lucky I am not.”

Staples’ Remi Levitt has run her own blog, Coat of Love, for three years.

So Levitt is asking people to clean out their closets and find items no longer needed and have them arranged by gender and size and put into garbage bags, which can be placed at the end of driveways. Then you can message Levitt on Instagram and she will pick up the clothing within 24 hours.

So far Levitt has picked up seven bags and is hoping her offer will get circulated around Fairfield County.

Coat of Love is a really cool site, very professional looking and designed by Levitt. She started it in the 8th grade, she said, to blend her love of fashion, lifestyle and creative writing. Her posts are a mix of fashion, food, places to go and a healthy dose of Levitt. It is worth checking out.

Remi Levitt is our first Ruden Report-Fairfield County Bank Player of the Week during the spring season postponement. She will get her choice of a Player of the Week or Ruden Report shirt.

To contact Levitt about her clothing drive, you can direct message her on Instagram at @remilevitt. To nominate an FCIAC athlete for Player of the Week, you can email me at ruden@therudenreport.com

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