Five Questions: Darien Quarterback Peter Graham

Darien quarterback Peter Graham throws a pass Friday during a game at the Grip It & Rip It Tournament. (Mark Conrad)

This week we play Five Questions with a number of players who took part this past weekend in the Grip It & Rip It Tournament at New Canaan. First up is Peter Graham, a senior who will be Darien’s starting quarterback, making him the second member of his family to hold that position.

TRR: You had to wait a while to get the starting job. How good does it feel to be the Darien quarterback?

PG: I’m so excited for it. I’ve waited for my chance and I’ve never been more excited for this season.

TRR: How have the 7 on 7s been going with the team so far?

PG: It is going pretty well. We are off to a good start today and a few weeks ago we won up in Madison. We went 9-0 there, which was huge for us. We’re just looking to build off of that.

TRR: The coaches were saying the team felt like last year, even though you went 9-2 and qualified for the playoffs, was unsuccessful because it ended your run of state titles. Is the motto this year to get back on top?


PG: That’s definitely our goal. We want to make it back to the state championship and most importantly win it. That’s been our goal since after (the Class LL quarterfinal loss to) Newtown.

TRR: What do you see as the biggest strengths of the team right now?

PG: Probably our athleticism. We have so much athleticism across the board. There’s a lot of depth there. Receivers, defense, even our linemen. They’re very, very strong and very athletic. I’m very certain they will be able to protect me this year.

TRR: Your brother Timmy had a lot of success here at quarterback. Football aside, what are you better than him at?

PG: I’d probably say Madden. I probably could beat him any day of the week in Madden.