Five Questions: Fairfield Ludlowe Volleyball Player Emma Davies

Emma Davies’ defensive play has helped the Fairfield Ludlowe volleyball team to a league-best 13-1 record.

The Fairfield Ludlowe volleyball team is off to a league-best 13-1 start because of a team comprised mainly of seniors. One of the Falcons’ most underrated players is Emma Davies, a defensive specialist and strong server and passer.

TRR: You were a gymnast and switched to volleyball as a freshman. How come?

ED: My cousin in Oregon was actually a competitive gymnast as well, then she switched to volleyball in high school so I wanted to follow her, and then she ended up playing D1 at UNLV so I wanted to try it out and liked it.

TRR: What is it like playing on a team with so many seniors?

ED: It’s really fun because we are really close since we mostly are all in the same grade. We’re also really close with the juniors too. There’s a really good team dynamic.

TRR: Is there pressure because this is the final chance for most of the team to win at least one championship?


ED: There’s definitely a lot of good teams this year. I’m really confident in our abilities because we really showed the rest of the FCIAC we’re here and we’re ready to go all the way. I just feel we have a really talented team this year.

TRR: You changed from outside hitter to a defensive specialist. Was it an easy transition?

ED: I was a hitter freshman, sophomore and junior years. In regards to my height I’m on the shorter side of the team. I’ve always been really strong at passing compared to hitting so my coaches suggested I switch to a defensive specialist this year and it worked out really well. It was definitely harder learning the different rotations in the back row and transitioning from not being at the net anymore, but I really like it in the back row.

TRR: One of your biggest hobbies is surfing. How did you get into that?

ED: My dad has been really into surfing so he just taught me and my brothers at a really young age. We just kind of continued it from there. We do it every summer. It is one of my favorite activities outside of volleyball.