Girls Lacrosse

Five Questions: Fairfield Ludlowe’s Paloma Meehan

Paloma Meehan has had a busy summer playing for the Grizzlies travel team.

Paloma Meehan was one of the leaders for a Fairfield Ludlowe girls lacrosse team that enjoyed one of its most successful seasons this past spring.

But it has been a busy offseason for Meehan. Actually offseason is incorrect: she has been on the tournament circuit with the Grizzlies travel program. Like many top players before the rules were changed to prohibit college coaches in the sport from contacting recruits until the start of their junior years, Meehan as a freshman gave a verbal commitment to Arizona State.

After a coaching change at the school, Meehan de-committed, went through the process again and recently gave a verbal commitment to UConn.

There were no shortage of topics with Meehan for this edition of Five Questions.

TRR: You just went through the recruiting process again and decided to attend UConn. I am guessing it was not as difficult this time than as a freshman?

PM: It was a lot easier now since I’m older and have been able to grow into myself. Knowing the type of atmosphere I want to be surrounded in, people that I want to spend my time with 24/7. Definitely now being a junior going to be a senior in high school to me just makes more sense to commit. When I committed my freshman year I wasn’t 100 percent sure exactly what I wanted, how I wanted it and what it would look like.

TRR: On the Grizzlies travel team each summer many of the top players you competed against for Ludlowe are now teammates. What is that like?

PM: I’ve grown up with these girls so it has been really cool because we’ve been able to bounce ideas off each other and get to know how the game works. All these girls I have been competing with in the FCIAC, they’ve gotten so amazing over the past years. We’re really just able to learn from each other and push ourselves every single time we have the opportunity. We’re really just able to read one another.


After going through the recruiting process a second time, Ludlowe’s Paloma Meehan recently gave a verbal commitment to UConn.

TRR: Ludlowe took a big step this season. How excited are you about what the team can do your senior year?

RC: I think we’re going to do really well because last year we didn’t have too many seniors — we only had two — so now our whole junior class is going to be seniors. There are six or seven of us now and I think we’re going to perform pretty strongly. We’ve all been on the team since freshman year so we’re really close and hopefully going to get to our peak so we will take it all out on the field.

TRR: You’ve been playing lacrosse now since the end or March with the beginning of practice for Ludlowe. Do you need a break?

PM: I think so. This weekend is my last tournament so we will be done with lacrosse season and it will be nice to take a couple of weeks off to have a break and just enjoy summer.

TRR: You have over 7,200 followers on Instagram. How did you get so popular?

PM: I don’t know, I don’t consider myself popular at all. It just kind of happened I guess. I’ve been on Instagram now since 5th grade or 6th grade just because everyone had it. Most people in my grade know this but my cousin is a model. She’s a year older. She’s a full-time model and lives in LA now. She posted a picture with me once and it just kind of blew up. That’s where I probably got most of my followers from. Most of the rest are from Fairfield County or the Connecticut area. Most of my followers I just met from different instances.