Five Questions: Fairfield Warde’s Sophie Sancho

Sophie Sancho is one of Fairfield Warde’s offensive leaders.

The only FCIAC softball title won by a Fairfield school occurred in 1976, when Warde captured it in the second year the conference held a playoff in the sport. It has been a long drought. Teams from the town have reached the final four other times, most recently when Ludlowe lost to Darien in 2011.

The Mustangs are off to their best start in years. They are 10-3 after a 5-0 loss today to Trumbull and right now would be the third seed in the FCIAC Tournament. They are led by pitcher Olivia Vadas, who will continue her career next season at Sacred Heart, and second baseman Sophie Sancho, another four-year starter who will be playing next at the University of Bridgeport.

Sancho’s career goals will also involve athletics: she would like to become a sportswriter.

TRR: Everybody is talking about St. Joseph and Trumbull and (before today) you only have two losses by a combined three runs. How come people aren’t talking about Warde?

SS: I think every year that Trumbull and St. Joseph are the bigger teams. They’ve had great programs. I think coming off last year’s 11-10 record we were on The Ruden Report recognized as the sleepers. We are an underdog and not thought of as a bigger team that’s so dominant like Trumbull and St. Joe’s. This year we’re hungry and motivated to win a state title, win an FCIAC title.

TRR: This is the best start Warde has had in many years. What are the reasons?

SS: I think we have a good group of seniors and upperclassmen. My freshman year there were four or five of us who started. Now that we’re all seniors we have great leadership on the team and we’ve matured a lot. Especially from last year. Now that we’re older we know what we’re doing and hungry because this is the last year for the seniors to win and go out with a bang.  


TRR: What are you going to miss most about playing at Warde?

SS: Probably the team. Playing with Olivia and the two other seniors since freshman year. We’ve been starting since freshman year and now realizing this will be the last time I step on the field with them. It’s going to be really sad.

TRR: You and Olivia are both staying at home to play college ball. It is a little unusual for two teammates doing it. What is the appeal?

SS: I chose UB because I like my comfort zone. I like Fairfield, I’ve always wanted to stay close to home for college. Olivia and I really just like the schools academically. It just worked out perfectly with scholarships and everything. I don’t think going away was a big thing for us, as long as we loved the college itself, and the team and the coach. It didn’t really matter.

TRR: Saugatuck Sweets or Milkcraft?

SS: Definitely Saugatuck Sweets, hands down. They have more flavors to offer and we kind of know the owner. And I like the set up, with the candy and everything.