Girls Basketball

Five Questions: Ridgefield’s Katie Flynn

Ridgefield’s Katie Flynn was named second team All-FCIAC as a sophomore. (Mark Conrad)

Katie Flynn made a big impact as a sophomore for the Ridgefield girls basketball team. She was named second team All-FCIAC as the Tigers, led by a number of underclassmen, reached the Final Four of the FCIAC Tournament.

Flynn was a rare three-sport athlete, also playing volleyball and lacrosse, though she is giving up the latter this year.

TRR: There are fewer and fewer three-sport athletes. You played three last year though you will be giving up lacrosse. Is it just too difficult to play three sports these days?

KF: It’s more that I just want to specialize on basketball because I’m trying to play at the next level. It’s not like I’m no longer playing three sports because I’m still playing basketball in the spring. So it’s still like I’m playing three sports because I’m going to New Jersey two times a week and I’m playing almost every weekend. So it’s still like being a three-sport athlete.

TRR: You were named second team All-FCIAC as a sophomore. Were you surprised by your instant success?

KF: Not too much because I work really hard. I try to shoot every day in my driveway. I try to work as hard as I can because I want to be the best I can, so I was really happy with that.


TRR: You drive all the way to New Jersey to play AAU basketball. What prompted that decision?

KF: Because there’s nothing super close that goes to the tournaments that give you good exposure. So there are tournaments in Louisville and Chicago and in (Washington) D.C. and that was the closest team I could fine that was going to all these tournaments. And also the girls playing on my team, it’s good competition for me so that’s what is good about it.

TRR: What part of your game do you feel you most need to improve?

KF: Definitely my ballhandling. Even last year I couldn’t really shoot that well but I definitely improved that a lot. I’m not the best ballhandler. I’m fine but I definitely need to improve on that.

TRR: What is the most unusual thing you did this summer?

KF: That’s a tough one. (Long pause). I was away from Ridgefield for two weeks playing basketball and I’ve been to Long Beach Island and the Adirondacks on vacation so I guess it is I have hardly been in Ridgefield.