Five Questions: Staples’ Harry Azadian

Harry Azadian has been a fixture on the mound for the Staples baseball team. (Matt Dewkett)

Harry Azadian, along with teammates Chad Knight and Drew Rogers, seems like he has been on the Staples baseball team for a decade. That is because the three were first in the limelight six years ago as part of the Westport team that went to the Little League World Series.

Azadian has had an outstanding career, on the mound, at bat and in the field. After last week’s 2-1 win over Fairfield Ludlowe, he has state and league championship medals.

Azadian now prepares for the end of his high school career as the Wreckers begin state tournament play tomorrow.

TRR: What will you remember most 10 years from now about Thursday’s FCIAC championship win?

HA: Obviously the walkoff hit was unbelievable but 10 years from now I think the one moment that I will think about from that whole game is Kevin Rabacs stepping up, pinch-hit situation and just crushing that hit. There’s nothing more that he could have done in that situation. That was the reason why we won that game. That moment was crazy. It was fun living it with my teammates. It was amazing.

TRR: What has been the best part of playing baseball at Staples?

HA: It has to be the camaraderie we have. It’s an incredible team and after we won states my sophomore year the team has never been much closer than we are right now. We’re just a good group of guys and we get along with each other and Coach McFarland does a good job making sure everyone is happy. It’s also fun to win.”


TRR: What has the experience been like playing with Drew Rogers and Chad Knight going back to the Little League World Series team?

HA: I’ve been playing with those guys for a long time and all three of us know each other really well. We know how we’ve all grown in so many ways and gotten better as baseball players and kids too. I’m happy I got to spend the last 10 years playing baseball with them. They’re two great guys and I wouldn’t have wanted to do it with anyone else.

TRR: You’re going to play at Union next year, which is my alma mater. Union has become a very popular school with FCIAC athletes. What led you to decide on Union?

HA: Right when I visited the school the campus stood out. It is a beautiful campus and it’s a good baseball program. Coach Mound has really built the program up the past five years. Also the engineering school there was a draw because that’s what I want to study. I’ve heard things about the school itself, how much fun it is, how great it is to be a student-athlete there.

TRR: During the time you are at school what will you miss most about Westport?

HA: Probably my friends, but more specifically playing baseball here. Baseball in Westport has pretty much been my entire life. It shaped me as a person and I don’t know what I’d be doing without it. It also has affected my work ethic as well, in and out of the weight room, it has taught me a lot about responsibility and about working hard and reaching goals.