Five Questions: Staples Tight End A.J. Konstanty

Staples’ A.J. Konstanty runs a pass route during a game at the Grip It & Rip It tournament. (Mark Conrad)

We have been playing Five Questions with a number of players who took part two weekends ago in the Grip It & Rip It Tournament at New Canaan. Next up is Staples tight end A.J. Konstanty. The Wreckers just missed out on a state tournament berth last season.

TRR: You haven’t been to many 7 on 7s this summer, right?

AJK: This is our second one. We’re just trying to see what we have with the new coach. 

TRR: What is it like trying to get some 7 on 7 work in?

AJK: It’s really good. We clearly need it. We have some work to do but this is really good for us to get out there, get the helmets on and running some routes. It’s good for everyone just to get some time again.

TRR: You finally got your new coach, Adam Behrends, in May but it obviously took a while. What has it been like so far?


AJK: He’s great. He’s really clicking with all of us. He’s doing a great job. We really like him and we’re really excited for the season.

TRR: This is the second year in a row you had a coach hired very late in the spring. Has it been a frustrating situation for the team? Does it put you behind the competition?

AJK: I wouldn’t say it puts us behind other teams. We got the coaches late, we get that, but it’s always the same guys at the end of the day, so we’re always building camaraderie at the end of the day. We’re really just like any other team. We’re just ready to get after it.

TRR: You just missed out on the state playoffs last year. What does the team have to do this year to get over that final hurdle?

AJK: We got to work on some stuff in the offseason. Just get with our coach, see what we’ve got. We have to work hard in the offseason and in the weight room and at these 7 on 7s and we will be ready.