Field Hockey

Five Questions: Wilton’s Olivia Hahn

Olivia Hahn is hoping for a strong final season with the Wilton field hockey team.

Few athletes are as dedicated to their sports as Wilton senior Olivia Hahn. An All-FCIAC and All-State field hockey player, Hahn has a stick in her hand 12 months a year, playing on club and all-star teams when not with the Warriors.

Hahn’s tireless effort has not gone unrewarded: she gave a verbal commitment to play at Boston College at the end of her sophomore year.

TRR: Field hockey players now have the opportunity to compete year-round. What are the advantages?

OH: Personally playing for club — I play for AGH in the offseason; the winter, spring and summer — I know a lot of other girls in Fairfield County and around Connecticut play for club as well. I think it is a great opportunity to meet girls from other towns that you wouldn’t have met through high school and it’s a good way to play at the most competitive level of hockey in this area. 

TRR: Do you ever get tired of it?

OH: It can become a lot at times but field hockey is my passion and I never really grow tired of it.


TRR: Last year the league was controlled by Staples and Darien. What does Wilton have to do this fall to get back into the mix?

OH: We’ve been doing a lot of rebuilding lately with a bunch of new coaches. We just want to get it back on track. We have a really strong winning mentality this year and we want to get back on the FCIAC and state championship track.

TRR: Many people make fun of field hockey because they don’t understand the rules. Does it bother you when the sport is criticized?

OH: I understand that there are a lot of fouls called in field hockey. I hear that a lot. But I think if people got to understand it better and came and watched games they would really learn to enjoy it.

TRR: You literally play the sport without a break. Is there any activity you wish you could be more involved with?

OH: Maybe travel a little bit more. I’ve always loved to travel and see new countries and I haven’t had the chance to do that as much now that I’m constantly on the road with field hockey.