Former Darien Star Tom O’Malley Passes Away At 54

Tom O’Malley

Former Darien star Tom O’Malley, one of the best tight ends in FCIAC history, passed away Saturday night. O’Malley, who lived in Norwalk, was 54.

O’Malley suffered through a number of health issues over the last decade, including a bad infection following hip replacement surgery and CTE.

O’Malley graduated from Darien in 1984 and went on to play at Florida State, where he was teammates with, among others, Deion Sanders. O’Malley finished with 43 receptions for 479 yards and three touchdowns during his career.


O’Malley played on the same team at Darien with Jeff Bak, who went on to become the starting center at Clemson.

A number of former Florida State teammates paid tribute to O’Malley.