Fun Facts: New Canaan’s Christian Sweeney

(Fun Facts, where we find out more about FCIAC athletes, was a regular feature on The Ruden Report Overtime newsletter. Until we start publishing the newsletter again, we are posting them here. We are dedicating this week, due to the absence of Thanksgiving games, to football players.)

A new Fun Facts with New Canaan’s Christian Sweeney.

How did you think your football team did this season? I think our season was a successful one. We made the most of what was given to us.

What is a Thanksgiving tradition you do? Usually the Turkey Bowl happens and then my mom’s family comes over to my house.

How did you feel about not having a Turkey Bowl this season? It was upsetting not to play but I have been fortunate enough to play in two of them.

What is one thing you will miss about playing for New Canaan? I will miss playing alongside my twin brother Braden.


Where is your favorite place to eat in New Canaan? Tequilla Mockingbird.

What is your favorite pregame song? War by Pop Smoke.

What is your go to pregame snack? A fresh banana.

— Jackie Siegel

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