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Fun Facts: Ridgefield’s Amos Grey

Ridgefield’s Amos Grey goes in for a layup during the FCIAC boys basketball championship game against Trinity Catholic last March. (Mark Conrad)

(Fun Facts, where we find out more about FCIAC athletes, was a regular feature on The Ruden Report Overtime newsletter. Until we start regularly publishing the newsletter again, we are posting them here.)

A new Fun Facts with Ridgefield boys basketball player Amos Grey.

Ridgefield won last season’s FCIAC title. What has your team done to focus on achieving this again in the upcoming season? We keep a strict offseason schedule that we have been following for the past few years. Obviously it’s modified this year with Covid, but we try to lift a few times a week and get some sort of skill workout with small groups 2-3 times a week. Another key part of our offseason is individual workouts without coaches. Most of our players try to get into the gym for 30 minutes to an hour on off days to work on their individual weaknesses. 

As your whole starting lineup graduated last year, how have you had to step up this season and has this new experience and change been positive? It has definitely been a big change. My role so far this year has definitely been to give others guidance and leadership when needed. We have lots of talented but inexperienced players that have been looking to me for guidance. They have been adapting well to our program, but often times look to me to lead by example.

What are you most looking forward to when playing next year for Sarah Lawrence? I am looking forward to obviously better myself as a basketball player, but I am really looking forward to making great relationships with my teammates. This past year, the team had such great chemistry and I made some lifelong friends, and I am looking forward to doing the same thing with my new teammates. 

Why did you start playing basketball? Have you always wanted to play in college? Ever since I could walk, I’ve always loved playing basketball or any sport involving a ball. As for college, it has always been a dream of mine to play, but it was not always basketball. In my earlier years I thought soccer was my sport, until I met Coach (Andrew) McClellan, and he really changed my mindset to be a basketball-first player. 

What is your best personal sports moment, from Little League to high school? It definitely has to be winning the FCIAC championship last year. I definitely had a tough childhood with sports. I was never very good at any particular in my earlier years, and was constantly overshadowed by others, so I don’t really have any crazy accomplishments from back then. Winning the championship last year definitely was a moment that will stick with me forever.

Who is Ridgefield’s rival school? Wilton for sure. It’s always a blast seeing the packed crowd when I walk into the court.

Favorite hype song? That’s a tough one. As of right now, I’d have to say “Got It On Me” by Pop Smoke.


What’s your team’s pregame ritual? After the starting lineups are announced, we all go to half court and huddle up, and the captains give the others a little pep talk to start the game. 

What has your team done to stay close during the pandemic? It’s hard for all of us to get together during this time so we have been communicating a lot over text and social media. We love to talk pro football and basketball with each other. 

Favorite memory from last season? Team bonding get togethers for sure. 

Any perks from the modified season? If I’m being honest no, not really. It sucks to lose a majority of our fans, some of our games and many other variables, but i’m just thankful that some form of season is happening.

Best way to celebrate a win? When coach buys the whole team McDonald’s afterwards.

— Ella Stoler

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