Girls Lacrosse

Fun Facts: Wilton’s Kira Howard

A new Fun Facts with Wilton girls lacrosse player Kira Howard.

Based on your losses against New Canaan and Darien, how will your team work to be more successful next time? What can you do personally? After the early on loss to Darien we worked on a lot of draw controls and defensive clears at practice. As well as our plays and motions. We have a hard week ahead, involving playing Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We do not have much time to practice as a team this week after our New Canaan loss. However after New Canaan we learned the defense has to work harder on slides and rely less on our amazing goalie to make every save. 

What is your favorite component of lacrosse? Why do you like being a part of a team sport? Lacrosse is always fun to play. There are so many pieces involved in the game such as the draws, plays, shooting, defense, turnovers and clears. A lacrosse practice is never boring as there is always something we can improve on. I like being a part of team sports because of the bonds we form. We are all very close on and off the field. 

What is your biggest motivation? What inspires you to keep working hard during a game even if it isn’t going your way? I stay motivated by thinking about my teammates. I never want to let them down. We have all spent so much time and energy after school and on the weekends practicing. When I see my fellow teammates working as hard as they can it pushes me to give everything I have left.

How do you prepare for a big game? Do you have any superstitions? We always play Warriors by the Imagine Dragons and have the same warmup for every game. I am superstitious about my hair, so every game I have to have it braided the same way and I also have to make sure I have my socks on the right foot

What determined your decision to play at the United States Coast Guard Academy? What made this school stand out in particular? I knew since my sophomore year that I wanted to attend a Service Academy or do ROTC. I have always wanted to serve my country and make a large impact. I decided to choose the USCGA because of the mission and the people. The mission of the USCGA is different from many of the other military branches as its goals are marine and environmental protection, search and rescue, marine safety, drug interdiction, migrant interdiction and many more. 

What is the best piece of advice you have received from a coach? How did you utilize this? Do it wrong, do it long. Do it right, do it light. This correlates to lacrosse drills as well as life. I could be studying for a test and not focusing, but once I concentrate I can get it over with faster


What does your team do to come together? As it is proven that a bonded team is typically more successful, how do you strive to bring your teammates closer? Our team has many outdoor team dinners. Even with the barrier of COVID we have not let that stop our team bonding. We have also done other fun things outside such as team yoga.

What clubs/outside teams have you been a part of and how have they impacted you as a player? I have played for Gold Coast since 6th grade. It allowed me to play year round and made me a more competitive player. Playing club gives you a lot of playing time against good competition as there are usually three or more games at tournaments.

What makes your team special? Our team is special because of our players. We all are best friends. We have nicknames for each other and our coach makes her own special nicknames that just she can call us. We all always love seeing each other on and off the field. 

How do your teammates encourage each other? We always like to hit sticks with each other. Whenever we pass by a teammate we say good job and click our sticks.

— Tasha Taubenheim