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Fun Facts: Wilton’s Nathan Bennett

Wilton’s Nathan Bennett in a game earlier this season against Staples.

— What’s your favorite pregame snack? I don’t prefer to eat snacks right before a game. I just have breakfast or lunch a couple hours before kickoff.

— What are you looking forward to the rest of the season? I’m looking forward to our postseason and potentially winning our division.

— What was your feeling when the state of fall sports was uncertain? I was glad that we were even able to play at all, considering all spring sports were shut down completely.

— What is your goal for this season? My goal would be to win our division and finish the season without a loss.

— What is your favorite place to eat in your town? There are not many places to eat out in Wilton but if I had to choose I would say CT Coffee.

— What is your favorite pregame song to listen to before games? My favorite pregame song is Duckworth by Kendrick Lamar.


— When did you begin playing soccer? I started playing soccer at age 7 and played year round ever since.

— What is one strength you think your team has this year? This year we have a very strong defense. So far we’ve only conceded five goals in eight games.

— Jackie Siegel

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