Is New Canaan’s Tricky Swindell FCIAC’s Best Kicker?

A story that has slipped through the cracks this fall has been the number of top kickers in the FCIAC this fall. Forget the long field goals, I don’t remember seeing more kickoffs for touchbacks at any time.

It is a topic I have been planning to write about and just haven’t gotten around to.

It is a good subject for debate, but New Canaan’s Peter Swindell is certainly in the conversation.

I’m not sure this elevates him to the head of the pack, but the New Canaan football team sent this video (along with a prank played on sophomore quarterback Mike Collins…was there any work done in practice today?) out on its Twitter account tonight of Swindell, a sophomore, hitting a most unconventional 31-yard field goal to end practice.


Does this make him No. 1? I’m not sure. But it certainly is entertaining.