It’s Back: The Ruden Report Presents The Fifth Annual Rhone Fan Showdown

It started as a debate four winters ago over which FCIAC gym was the most difficult to play in during basketball season, and eventually evolved into a bigger question: which school has the most loyal fans?

That argument rages on, now more than ever. So we are back with the 5th annual Ruden Report Fan Showdown, which is being sponsored by Rhone Apparel. Trumbull’s Black Hole are the defending champions. Ridgefield’s Tiger’s Lair won the previous two years, while Westhill’s Purple Pack was the first winner.

The two-part contest kicks off on Jan. 24, with the winning school getting $500 for its athletic department. More importantly, it will have bragging rights for the next year.

Fan Showdown 450

The rules are the same as last year and the scoring a bit complex, so read carefully:

1. The contest is open to all 17 FCIAC schools.

2. A representative, likely from a school’s fan Twitter account, must make contact to enter. I will need a contact person for each school. The deadline to enter is noon on Friday.

3. There will be two components. The first will be a straight-out vote here on the site starting Sunday night, Jan. 24, and running until noon the following Wednesday.

4. The team that wins the vote will receive 5 points. Second place is worth 4 points, third place is worth 3 points, fourth place is worth 2 points and fifth place gets 1 point.

5. The second component: each team will submit a video no longer than three minutes showing your fans in action at a home game or games, at any sport or sports of your choosing. (See the bottom of this post for the top three videos from last year.) We want to see loyalty, creativity and not rowdy misbehavior. I will arrange with a contact person from each school to receive the videos. The deadline for the videos is noon on Feb. 1. This gives you plenty of time now to plan a game. Earlier submissions if possible are appreciated.


6. As we receive the videos, we will post them for viewing. A panel of our sponsors will then judge the videos. They will give a 3 to the best one, 2 for the second-best one and 1 for the third-best. The school that earns the most overall points, as with the voting, will get 5 points. Second place is worth 4 points, third place is worth 3 points, fourth place is worth 2 points and fifth place gets 1 point.

7. We will add up the points from the vote and the videos to determine the winner. If two or more schools tie, we will give them the option to agree on holding another vote to break it or to split the $500.

Obviously this contest leads to a little social media trash talking. This is all meant to be fun so PLEASE keep it clean. Same with any comments that come in or they won’t be posted.

Those are the rules. We will confirm with every entrant full understanding. And sometime on the week of Feb. 1, we will announce the winner of the fifth annual Rhone Fan Showdown.

Last Year’s Winning Video: Trumbull

Last Year’s Runner-Up Videos: Stamford and Staples