Poll: Which School Has The Best Team Colors?

We never got a March Madness but there is no reason why we can’t have April Madness in the FCIAC. And what better way than getting all schools involved.

So we are asking this question: Which school has the best team colors? We have set this up NCAA Tournament style.

First, to have 16 schools we have omitted Trinity Catholic, which is leaving the league after this spring. Second, I paired all Thanksgiving rivals in the first round. Wilton and Bridgeport Central are matched up because they don’t play league opponents for the holiday.

As for the quarterfinals and beyond, I just made the bracket as rivalries popped into my mind.

We will have the vote for the first round now until noon on Wednesday. The quarterfinals will begin Thursday, the semifinals Sunday night and the championship a week from Wednesday until we crown a champion.

So get your votes in for the first round of FCIAC April Madness: which school has the best team colors.

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