Poll: Who Is The FCIAC’s Best Quarterback?

New Canaan's Nick Cascione is one of five favorites for All-FCIAC honors at quarterback.

New Canaan’s Nick Cascione is one of the players that will be considered for All-FCIAC honors at quarterback. (Photo: Chris Cody)

One of the moves hailed by the FCIAC this season was to have a single All-League team, picking the best of the best. No more Little League mentality where everyone gets a trophy.

That also means some hard decisions will have to be made with a number of deserving candidates at many positions.

One of them is quarterback.

Though there are several weeks left in the season, for some reason the topic has come up with a number of coaches in conversations over the past two weeks. And there has been no clear-cut pick. About the only consensus has been that there are seven strong candidates for the honor: New Canaan’s Nick Cascione, Ridgefield’s Ryan Dunn, Staples’ Jack Massie, Wilton’s Brett Phillips, Trumbull’s Nick Roberts, St. Joseph’s Jordan Vazzano and Darien’s Silas Wyper. Each brings a different dynamic in terms of styles.

It will be interesting once the All-FCIAC voting is conducted how it all plays out. It is safe to say there will be a split vote.


So who do you readers think is the best quarterback this year? Here is your chance to vote. We will keep the open until noon on Friday.

Also, feel free to add a comment. One thing: no comments critical of any of the players will be posted. Please keep it positive.