Poll/Contest: Who Will Win The Turkey Bowl: Darien Or New Canaan?


The game we have waited for since the schedule came out is almost here.

The Turkey Bowl. Darien against New Canaan. For the (last?) FCIAC championship and to secure a home game in the state playoffs. And this is the only meeting between the teams, no CIAC Tournament rematch.

As we begin our coverage of the game, we start off with a simple poll: Who is going to win, Darien or New Canaan? Both teams have similar attributes and neither has really been tested this year, making the outcome harder to predict.

We are going to give you a chance to have your prognosticating skills rewarded. In the comments section, also give us your final score. If you get it right, we will give you a $25 gift certificate to Colony Grill. There is a maximum of three prizes, so the first three correct entries are the winners. Also, you must use your real email address to enter so we can reach you.


Cast your vote and enter the contest now.