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Putting Sports In Perspective, Even When Your Business Depends On Them

(This appeared in yesterday’s Overtime newsletter. Because I received so much feedback, I decided to share it with a larger audience. You can subscribe to Overtime on the link below)

Hi Overtime audience. I hope everyone is safe, staying quarantined and practicing social distancing. It cannot be stated enough.

There isn’t enough news right now to publish the newsletter daily — all new content has been going up on the site — though I hope to also add features here and start coming out more often. I’ve always considered this a more intimate way to interact with readers so the more chances the better. I’m happy the feedback has been strong on Locked In, my new videoconference show.

It’s fun talking to a wide range of athletes about subjects both having to do with their sports and learn more about them. It has had an added benefit for me. I am used to working home alone so I have had an easier transition than most, but I now see no one unless I go out for food. The 10-minute sessions have been fun.

A topic I have been thinking about even more over the past 24 hours is sports in society. They play such an important part in our lives, but it is different right now. You had the president reach out to major professional sports leagues yesterday. A high school sports parent emailed me last week with a link to a story about another state making provisions to get a partial season in. The parent wanted me to trumpet the view.

I understood the sentiment. We all want hope. But it is hard to be an advocate for rushing to get a return to sports when in the grand scheme of things right now they are much lower on the priority list. The request came on a day I learned a close friend had the virus, my first experience with it hitting close to home. I replied I thought it would be insensitive to give voice to saving the spring sports season now. The parent understood.

At the same time imagine how big a role sports would play right now. Three weeks of March Madness, the start of baseball season. They all would serve as needed diversions both to entertain and take our mind off what is happening outside our doors. It certainly would help keep people staying in.


When high school sports return affects me greatly, and in much more important ways than finding stories for the upcoming months. The longer this goes on, the harder it will be to keep The Ruden Report alive. I love what I do, the people I deal with and I’m proud of what the site has done for 6 1/2 years.

A number of people have asked me about the future of the business. The honest answer is I really don’t know. It will take some time for advertising to come back. An easier route could be to just cover one or several towns. That certainly wouldn’t be my preference but could end up being the only road. Hopefully The Ruden Report continues unchanged. I’m trying to stay focused on the present while being prepared for the future and the return to normalcy, whenever that may be.

A time when sports on all levels again plays an important part in our lives.

Stay safe.

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