Q & A: New Canaan’s Henry Cunney

New Canaan quarterback Henry Cunney releases a pass at the Grip it and Rip It tournament. (Gregory Vasil)

The New Canaan football team’s success during the past 15 years has been due in large part to a string of outstanding quarterbacks, including current San Francisco Giants catcher Curt Casali, Matt Milano, Mike Collins and, most recently, Drew Pyne.

Playing the position means being under the spotlight. Next up is senior Henry Cunney, who takes over in an environment none of his predecessors had to deal with: transitioning the year after a canceled season due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Cunney spoke to The Ruden Report at the Grip It & Rip It 7-on-7 passing tournament at New Canaan on Friday.

How has the transition been becoming a starting quarterback in a post-pandemic year?

“It started off hard but once the team really got together and working together it made it easier and we really created a bond and family.”

How important is Grip It & Rip It for you when you haven’t had a lot of opportunities to be in a competitive environment with the team?

“I think it’s really big. We’ve been playing 7 on 7 since like January, so coming out and really competing, turning the ball over on downs and stuff, it’s exciting and really a lot of fun.”

What has been the most difficult part of the learning process so far?


“I think it’s knowing more about the plays. Everyone has asked me what they are supposed to do, people are coming in and asking so you need to know everything.”

You have former Rams quarterback Mike Collins here and you are following Drew Pyne and a lot of star players at the position. Is that more pressure or badge of honor?

“Definitely a little pressure. The standard is high so you have to execute and live up to them.”

Quarterback Henry Cunney follows a long line of star players at the position in New Canaan. (Gregory Vasil)

What do you have to do to be the best quarterback you can be?

“Just keep working. Get everyone on the same page, everyone have the same goal and keep working.”

What’s the best thing you have done this summer that is not football related?

“Not much (laughs). It’s been a lot of football. Really nothing.”