Q & A: Wilton’s Parker Woodring

Wilton’s Parker Woodring awaits a pass in a 7 on 7 game against Bunnell on Friday in New Canaan. (Mark Conrad)

Parker Woodring has one of the more interesting backgrounds in the FCIAC. He entered Wilton as a member of the school’s soccer team, decided he missed football too much and as a sophomore joined the football team. With his soccer background, he initially was set to play just kicker but soon earned his way into the lineup at both cornerback and wide receiver. Woodring spoke to The Ruden Report at the Grip It & Rip It 7-on-7 passing tournament at New Canaan on Friday.

When you arrived at Wilton you were a member of the soccer team, right?

“I started playing football in 8th grade because my premier team for soccer didn’t have a team. Then freshman year I don’t know why, but I went back to playing soccer. Probably the worst decision of my life. Sophomore year I came back to football gladly.”

When you joined the football team weren’t you first just going to be a kicker?

“Yeah. I didn’t want to but initially I started off sophomore year first couple of games as just a kicker and then I worked my way into playing corner.”

Which sport is more difficult, football or soccer?

“I think soccer takes more skill to play but football is more physically demanding on your body.”

Was it a pretty easy transition for you?

“I think the transition for me was pretty easy because I had been playing football my whole life. Like in the neighborhood, playing five on five tackle football.”


Do you miss soccer at all?

“A little bit. If it was another season other than football then I’d probably still be playing. I just love football way more.”

You are also on the basketball team. Are you going to try and play one of your sports in college?

Wilton’s Parker Woodring made the switch from soccer to football after his freshman year. (Mark Conrad)

“Yes, I’m looking to try and play football in college. Obviously it’s tougher with missing my junior year. That’s really big for recruiting.”

We don’t really know much about many teams right now? What should we be keeping an eye out for on Wilton that will stand out in October?

“I think what’s going to stand out about our team is we have a really good group of senior guys. We’ve all been playing together since our youth. The bonds on our team are more than just football bonds. We’re all like a family, off the field and on the field. We all love each other. I think that’s really special about our team.”

What’s the best thing you’ve done this summer that’s not football related?

“It has been a lot of football this summer but… Probably just seeing more people than I would because COVID is kind of over, quote, unquote. Seeing a lot of new faces this summer and people I haven’t met.”