The Ruden Report Interns’ Class Of 2017 Sports Video Yearbook

For the past month I have been lucky to have seven senior interns from five schools. I was a little concerned about taking on so many, but they all had varied interests and could make a wide range of contributions so I thought it would work.

As it turns out, it worked better than expected. Some took care of graphics, some videos, some did live social media at games and some wanted to see what a day in the life of a sportswriter was like. Most of us were together for our Sports & Scoops series (we are way behind, but the rest of the episodes are coming).

I wanted to have one final collaborative project and came up with an idea: a video version of signing a school yearbook. I would compile a list of athletes and they were in charge of going out and filming them. One handled the graphics, another the editing. The finished product below — Class Of 2017 Sports Video Yearbook — is just one example of all the great work they have done.

One disclaimer: as you will notice, some schools are more heavily represented and a few not at all. My original list had 20 athletes from 15 schools. Between conflicts with end-of-year activities and not hearing back from several, some of the interns were forced to get a few extra athletes from their schools because of time constraints.


You will see five of the interns at the end of the video — six played a sport and the seventh is a familiar name here who spent four years broadcasting. So thank you to The Ruden Report Class of 2017 interns: Cooper Boardman (Staples), Natalie Brassinga (Ridgefield), Molly Keshin (New Canaan), Courtney Mitten (Ridgefield), Lucie Picard (Ridgefield), Cassidy Schiff (Darien) and Landon Silbert (Fairfield Ludlowe).

Here is their Class Of 2017 Sports Video Yearbook.