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Senior Moments: Darien’s Catie Duggan

Catie Duggan

With senior athletes seeing the final months of their high school careers affected both on and off the fields and away from the gyms, The Ruden Report has started a new series, Senior Moments, to put the spotlight on some of the best of the Class of 2020.

Next up is Darien’s Catie Duggan, who played field hockey and squash and next year will be playing lacrosse at Middlebury.

TRR: How are you dealing with the situation and not being able to start the season?

CD: It’s definitely a bummer. The whole team feels the same way, that we are all bummed out because we don’t get to practice yet or play or anything. We are all staying active or playing on our own. Hitting the wall, running when we can. Everyone is staying active on the off-chance they do let us finish the season at some point.

TRR: Darien is No. 3 in one national preseason poll and could have one of its best teams. Does that add to the disappointment?

CD: It definitely does. We had six games against top (12) teams in the country. I think we had the most challenging schedule in the country. For this year, for our grade in particular, we’ve always been a standout group of lacrosse players in Darien. Now we were finally seniors and we were going to make our mark on the national level. We have a really strong sophomore group, strong freshmen coming in, a bunch of really good juniors that really would have put it all together. I think we could have gone undefeated in my opinion. I’ve never beaten Manhassett so we were excited to play them. It all just seems like lost opportunities.

TRR: If the season is over what is your biggest sports highlight at Darien?

CD: Probably last season for lacrosse or last season field hockey and our FCIAC championship. That was one of our more exciting games. But last year for lacrosse, we had kind of an off year in 2018. Didn’t win the state championship. Won the FCIAC championship but lost to New Canaan in the state semifinals. Last year was a redemption year. It was a really great environment. I think lacrosse for 2020 might have been slightly better, but last year, the camaraderie of the team, the chemistry of the team, putting it all together was pretty amazing. Then the state championship last year was one of the most fun games we ever played. We beat New Canaan pretty handily. I didn’t go to Darien my freshman year so last year was my first state championship in lacrosse.


TRR: Besides lacrosse, what other spring senior activities are you most afraid of missing?

CD: Definitely prom for sure. That would be a bummer to miss. But what everyone is thinking about, just the day to day classes which we are missing, and seeing everyone at school. Senior spring is definitely a fun time. There is not too much work and you can hang out in school and see your friends. We haven’t been thinking about prom and graduation yet because they seem so far away but when we get closer. If they do get canceled that’s also going to be a huge bummer.

TRR: Does it help that since you aren’t a one-sport athlete you got to compete for Darien as a senior?

CD: I’m definitely a lacrosse player; I love the lacrosse team and I love playing lacrosse. But there is something special about the field hockey team at Darien High School. It’s like a family in a different way than lacrosse and squash was. Field hockey was so much fun and we were good at the same time. It was the most fun part of the year so far. I think I would have been super duper bummed out if I missed both field hockey and lacrosse.

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