Boys Lacrosse

Senior Moments: Darien’s Michael Minicus

Michael Minicus is one of the captains for the Darien boys lacrosse team.

With senior athletes seeing the final months of their high school careers affected both on and off the fields and away from the gyms, The Ruden Report is running a series, Senior Moments, to put the spotlight on some of the best of the Class of 2020.

Next up is Michael Minicus, who has starred for Darien’s football and boys lacrosse teams.

TRR: Now that the quarantine has gone on for just over a month how are you handling it?

MM: I’m just hoping that eventually we go back to school and get to play the last month of the season. I’ve just been doing everything within my control to get ready for the season in case we do hopefully have one. Working out, getting conditioned and doing stickwork in my yard.

TRR: Has the team been doing anything, Zoom chats, to stay together?

MM: We have scheduled a couple of Zoom chats but we haven’t done any yet. We’ve done stuff by position but we haven’t done a team one yet. Right after we heard we were out of school for we don’t know how long yet, we started doing these captains’ practices but those were shut down pretty quickly for a pretty good reason.

TRR: How difficult is it knowing you may be finished with your Darien sports career?

MM: It’s pretty difficult. Just thinking about my career here, it’s been very good but you’d like to get closure with it, especially with the team that we had coming back this year. I was really looking forward to how well we could have done. I had a lot of belief we could do very well and get ranked very high at the end of the year. It’s tough to not be able to have any control of that.

TRR: Is this any more difficult because of the way the state championship football game ended (a loss to Newtown on the last play of the game)?

MM: I don’t really like to think of it that way. I don’t look back at the football season and … am I disappointed in the outcome? The game was an incredible game. Other than the ending I wouldn’t change it one bit. It’s a completely different season. What’s different with the football team and the lacrosse team, I was a captain for the lacrosse team and not getting the experience as the captain for the season is pretty tough.

TRR: Because of the quarantine is there anything you have been doing that you normally wouldn’t?


MM: I’ve been doing a lot of puzzles. That is really something I haven’t done before.

TRR: Your lacrosse schedule is always so demanding. If you only got one game who would you want to play?

MM: I would probably say … competition wise I would say St. Anthony’s because they were probably the best team we were going to play but if we had one game where the entire town would be there I’d probably say New Canaan because it’s such a great rivalry game. They are completely different games. St. Anthony’s is a nationally scheduled game. Last year it was on television. But New Canaan, nothing beats playing them.

TRR: What is the best part or strangest part of having a mother that coaches another team at the school (Mo Minicus is Darien’s field hockey coach)?

MM: The strangest part is after football practice walking back and seeing her in the football stadium, because we practice on stadium east so it is walking past her every day at the end of practice that is kind of strange.

TRR: At your 10-year reunion what do you want your classmates to say about you?

MM: That I benefited the school senior year and if everything works out I led the lacrosse team very well.

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