Girls Lacrosse

Senior Moments: Greenwich’s Megan Keller

Greenwich’s Megan Keller (24) will play next season at Denison.

With senior athletes seeing the final months of their high school careers affected both on and off the fields and away from the gyms, The Ruden Report is running a series, Senior Moments, to put the spotlight on some of the best of the Class of 2020.

Next up is Greenwich’s Megan Keller, who plays girls lacrosse and will continue next year at Denison.

TRR: How are you feeling right now knowing you may not have a senior lacrosse season?

MK: It’s very upsetting. Senior season is something everyone looks forward to. To just be the oldest on the team and a leader, everyone looks forward to that so it’s definitely disappointing knowing that probably won’t happen. I’m trying to be realistic but at the same time yes they postponed the season so there is still hope.

TRR: You missed a good part of last year dealing with issues from prior ACL surgery. Does that make this even harder?

MK: Yes and no. I played in the summer, our last club team summer, so I did get to play. I was looking forward to coming back, bouncing back and being able to play the entire season. So it is disappointing. Moving on to the next level, you only get four years of high school and basically missing out on two is frustrating.

TRR: Are you concerned a missed season will cause you to become rusty going to Denison?

MK: I did freak out for a little while about that. As a defender you can’t just go out and play defense on yourself. If you are an attacker you can shoot. I can’t just go play defense.


TRR: What emotions has all of this caused? Anger? Alarm?

MK: Definitely frustrated, but also putting into perspective that I can’t be upset about my senior lacrosse season may not happen when people are dying, people’s family members are sick. People in my family are sick. Lacrosse is not as important to me as family and my health.

TRR: Besides lacrosse, what senior spring activities are you most worried about missing?

MK: We have internships, which is something I was really, really excited for. It is something everyone talks about. Obviously things like graduation and prom, people are concerned about. You have so many memories from the last few weeks of school, with your friends and teachers. It’s hard to realize that probably won’t happen.

TRR: When you are at your 10-year reunion how do you think your classmates will remember you?

MK: Well I did win Most Outgoing and Loudest so I think those two will come up. We took the pictures the other day. I think people will talk about that. During high school how I wasn’t scared to stand out to people. There’s only four years, don’t stand in the shadows, put yourself out there.

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