Boys Lacrosse

Senior Moments: New Canaan’s Liam Griffiths

Liam Griffiths would have been one of the New Canaan boys lacrosse team’s star players.

With senior athletes seeing the final months of their high school careers affected both on and off the fields and away from the gyms, The Ruden Report is running a series, Senior Moments, to put the spotlight on some of the best of the Class of 2020.

Next up is Liam Griffiths of the New Canaan boys lacrosse team, who is doing a postgrad year at Deerfield Academy before playing at Harvard.

TRR: What was the most difficult part this spring dealing with the uncertainty of whether you would have a season?

LG: The hardest part was keeping the whole team together because we weren’t sure what was going to happen. We wanted to stay motivated, still working out, still practicing but it was definitely tough because the fields were closed. We were holding everyone accountable on their own and making sure they were doing what they were supposed to be doing. Ultimately I think we did a great job with what we had and if we had the opportunity we would have been ready.

TRR: What aspect of being part of a team did you miss most?

LG: Just the camaraderie. Seeing the guys every day in the locker room. Just getting so close to the guys over four years. Every year is a different team obviously but the bonds shared are very similar just in terms of different personalities. Definitely the camaraderie and getting to know everybody was the best part of being on the team.

TRR: Now that it has been a few weeks since the season was canceled have you been able to get back into a new routine?

LG: It was definitely tough at first but I came to terms with it and understood this is the new normal right now. All I can do is look forward to next year and hopefully getting a chance to play next year. I’m making sure I am staying in shape.

TRR: What led you to decide on a postgrad year?


LG: I originally was looking at another school but when the coach switched over to Harvard I started talking to him intently. They had a full class already when he switched over so I was offered a spot in the ’21 class. I thought it was a great opportunity and I couldn’t pass up on it so that’s where the idea initially came from.

TRR: Given the uncertainty with schools for the fall do you feel like this was the perfect time if you were going to do a postgrad year? To try and ensure you have four years on a college campus.

LG: It definitely seems like that, especially going into the year. I knew having a postgrad year would be another opportunity to play lacrosse, not even realizing I wouldn’t get this season at all. Next year hopefully we will be on campus. It will probably be easier than the college teams getting on campus so there will be a good shot to be on campus in the fall, which is nice to know.

TRR: Have you tried anything new or different during the quarantine?

LG: Nothing super unusual. I started playing a lot more golf. That was one of the few things I could do. I usually do that over the mid-summer period, once we end lacrosse. I definitely played a lot more with my dad. Just being able to get out there again. I was a little rusty starting off.

TRR: If you had your choice now of a week of lacrosse, prom or graduation which would you pick?

LG: A week of lacrosse. It wouldn’t be close.

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