Senior Moments: New Canaan’s Sarah Crawford

New Canaan’s Sarah Crawford has been a TRR social media specialist for over a year.

I knew Sarah Crawford was at the very least going to be one of my hardest workers on her very first day. We were at a basketball game but I don’t remember the gym. It was not unusual for new people starting with me to want to video games for social media while hanging out with their friends in the stands.

Sarah sat with me, asked a few questions and was a star right from the outset. She was the consummate professional — and usually produced twice the work as many others, always with A+ quality.

This winter we started putting clips from games in my Instagram story and texting some others down to someone in North Carolina who edited them together for social media highlight videos. It is probably a two-person job, but Sarah handled it with ease by herself.

Sportswriters need to multitask these days, watching games to write about the action while also capturing valuable video, especially if something major happens. The way I cover games now is vastly different than even five to 10 years ago.

By being so good at her job, Sarah helped make me better at mine. She possesses a great personality and always wears a smile.

Sarah is attending the University of Indiana and will major in business. Below she describes hoping to be successful 10 years from now.

I have no doubt that will be the case.

I interviewed Sarah yesterday for a new Senior Moments.

TRR: Do you feel after six weeks like you’ve adjusted to this new normal?

SC: Right now I’m pretty adjusted. I think at first the hardest part was accepting that my life was going to be a lot different. I’m a very social person and I wasn’t going to be able to go and see my friends whenever I wanted and obviously graduation. The hardest part has been accepting that. Hopefully I still have graduation. Now that I’ve been quarantined for a while I’ve gotten more used to it and comfortable with it.

TRR: Have you been doing anything new that you haven’t done before?

SC: My family actually just got a puppy so we’ve been tackling that and training him, which has taken up a lot of our time.

TRR: Any favorite TV shows or movies to recommend?

SC: I’ve been watching a lot of Friday Night Lights. That’s always been one of my favorites.

TRR: What has been the hardest part of online school?

SC: Time management has been the hardest part. With knowing when to turn my assignments in and having the motivation to get them done has definitely been the hardest part. And getting comfortable with using Schoology. We use that and getting used to it has been a challenge, but it’s getting better.

TRR: At 4 you would normally be working for me a few days a week. What are you doing at 4 now instead?

SC: Now it would probably be a mix of things. Either training my new puppy, or me and my sister have been going on a lot of hikes and walks. I’d probably be exercising, making sure to keep moving.

TRR: If you had your choice of prom or graduation which would you choose?

SC: I think — that’s a hard question — I think graduation. Just because I’ve already had a prom so I have experienced prom even though it wasn’t my senior prom. And I’ve never experienced a graduation so I feel like I’d rather have a graduation.

TRR: Ten years from now when you are getting ready for your reunion and your classmates bring you up what do you hope they will be saying? How do you want to be remembered?

SC: I hope they remember me as a very hard worker. I think a common theme with me and what people know is when I put my mind to something I get it done. Hopefully in 10 years that will pay off and I will be very successful. I hope they remember me as someone who liked to accomplish different tasks and get them done with hard work.