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Senior Moments: Ridgefield’s James Rush

James Rush had a big game in the final to help lead Ridgefield to the FCIAC championship. (Mark Conrad)

With senior athletes seeing the final months of their high school careers affected both on and off the fields and away from the gyms, The Ruden Report is running a series, Senior Moments, to put the spotlight on some of the best of the Class of 2020.

Next up is Ridgefield basketball player James Rush.

TRR: Just over a month later what do you remember most from the FCIAC championship game?

JR: I was actually just watching clips from it. I like to do that from time to time, watch my old clips. It feels like a year ago. The biggest thing that stands out was the last 10 seconds of that game. I didn’t realize there were 10 seconds left. I was just playing like there were two minutes left and I heard the buzzer and I looked up and everyone was going crazy. That’s what I remember the most. It was incredible.

TRR: Even though your final season ended abruptly I am guessing you will always remember the last game you ever played.

JR: Of course. Our team got together the day after they told us they were going to cancel the season and everyone took turns and talked about their favorite moments of the season. It was just a great atmosphere with the team.

TRR: What has your quarantined life been like?

JR: Pretty normal actually. Not being at school I have more time on my hands but I have been shooting the basketball outside. Lost the magic touch a little bit. Been working out in my basement and helping my mom and my dad around the house. Nothing too special.

TRR: Is there anything you have never done before you have tried because of the circumstances?

JR: I’ve been playing a lot of ping pong. We found a table in the basement and I’ve been getting pretty good. If anyone wants to challenge me I am up for it.


TRR: What have you missed the most?

JR: Just seeing everyone. Seeing all my friends at school. That’s really it. I miss my friends. Even some of the teachers that I get along with. It’s hard not seeing everyone I’ve grown so close to and have taught me so much.

TRR: Besides the end of basketball season what else are you most concerned about missing out on if you don’t go back to school?

JR: There’s a high chance we won’t have prom or senior internships. A lot of fun stuff we unfortunately have to miss because of the virus. I think it’s all for the better. It hurts us all but it’s the safest thing to do.

TRR: What are you most looking forward to doing this summer?

JR: I’m actually a big fisherman. We have a lot of ponds here in Ridgefield. I like to bring my inflatable raft out and go out on the boat and fish with friends, one of them being (teammate) Chris Knachel. We go out, catch some fish and call it a day. It’s a lot of fun.

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