Girls Lacrosse

Senior Moments: St. Joseph’s Lily Ivanovich

St. Joseph’s Lily Ivanovich hoped to recover from shoulder surgery in time for the end of lacrosse season.

With senior athletes seeing the final months of their high school careers affected both on and off the fields and away from the gyms, The Ruden Report is running a series, Senior Moments, to put the spotlight on some of the best of the Class of 2020.

Next up is Lily Ivanovich from the St. Joseph lacrosse team.

TRR: You had shoulder surgery two months ago. What happened and how is your rehab going?

LI: I tore my labrum in my bicep tendons. I injured it in September and then it kept recurring. Usually the recovery is three months but mine surprisingly is going really, really well. I think if we made a state run I would have been able to play in that.

TRR: The fact you may have had to miss the season, does this make what is happening a little easier to deal with?

LI: I definitely think it stinks because my team was so close and I was excited to watch, and I still was going to be a part of everything, going to every single practice and every single game, and honestly just work with everyone just as if I was playing. I think this is the closest our team has been in a really long time. We were going to be one of the best teams that we’ve had. It sucks because we lost in the state championship last year and I feel that was fueling us to make a big run for that state championship this year.

TRR: The program has really taken off since you were a freshman. What does it mean to you to be part of that growth?

LI: Since my freshman year everyone knows that St. Joseph girls lacrosse has been all over the place. There have always been good girls but it never reached its full potential. When we got a new head coach, Leeland Gray, he started to take everything up and that’s when we started to work a lot harder in the offseason and everything was taken a lot more seriously. So since our freshman year we have gotten a lot better. Last year was the farthest that St. Joseph girls lacrosse has ever gotten in the state tournament, which was really cool to be a part of. I think it has really helped with our team chemistry. We have gotten a lot closer than since my freshman year.

TRR: What led you to decide on playing at Monmouth?

LI: One of my favorite parts about the school is it is on a beach on the Jersey shore, which I thought was awesome because I live on the beach now so it is really just amazing. The two new coaches are awesome. One was an All-American at Georgetown and the other was an All-American at Duke and they are just the best. They are very hard core and they wanted to kind of put Monmouth back on the map for girls lacrosse. The other girls they recruited in my class are very top notch and I get along with them really well, so I think that played a huge part in it.


TRR: Do you have any idea yet what you might want to study?

LI: I’m not really sure yet. I am learning toward business but I am going in undecided.

TRR: What have you been doing to keep yourself busy during the last seven weeks?

LI: There is a lot. Obviously working out has been a big part, and training for what’s going to come in the fall. Me and my family have been getting creative with baking and new recipes with dinner and everything. Besides that I am trying to keep up as much as I can with my normal routine. School has been a lot and catching up with my new favorite show, Outer Banks. Binging a bunch of shows.

TRR: How frustrating is it knowing you may not have a prom and graduation?

LI: I think it’s very frustrating because even with the end of high school you’re always looking forward to your senior year, especially your second semester, because there are so many special things that come with it, prom and graduation. St. Joe’s is actually trying really hard. They rescheduled prom and graduation to around the middle of July, which is awesome, but we still have no idea if that will happen. It definitely stinks not being around my best friends for these few couple months. I’m on student council too and the senior reps have been working so so hard meeting with the teachers a lot about how we can do some things virtually and push things back just to make sure we can get as much from our senior year as we possibly can.

TRR: How do you think you will be remembered by the St. Joseph class of 2020?

LI: I hope I will be remembered for being funny and kind and I think I am the kind of person that anyone can always come talk to because I’ve been on student council. I hope everyone remembers me as someone very outgoing and respectful and just kind overall.

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