Southfield Center Fan Showdown: Vote For The Best Fan Base

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They battle from the bleachers, from the stands and now, in the age of social media, on Twitter.

So for the third year we ask the question: which FCIAC school has the best fans? Can Ridgefield defend its title? Can Westhill make it two wins in three years? Will we crown a different champion?

Here in the first part of The Ruden Report’s Fan Showdown, which is sponsored by The Southfield Center for Development, we ask you to vote for which of the six finalists — Darien, Ridgefield, St. Joseph, Stamford, Westhill and Wilton — has the best fans. The overall winner of the contest will receive $500 for its school’s athletic department.

The vote will run until noon on Wednesday. There is a twist: I will announce on Twitter a few unlimited voting periods. You won’t know when, but they will not come during school hours or after 11 p.m.

The team that wins the vote will receive 5 points. Second place is worth 3 points and third place is worth 1 point.


The second component is the video competition. For a complete set of the contest rules, you can click here.

So vote early and, when we go to the unlimited periods, vote often. And check back to see which school wins the voting portion of the 3rd annual Ruden Report’s Southfield Center Fan Showdown.