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The Ruden Report Going To Subscription Model — With A Twist

The New York Giants are the only team I truly root for. Prior to the start of last season, almost all of the newspapers I read for coverage had put up paywalls. I know as much as anyone that good journalism requires investment, and it is challenging to achieve this with a free model. So I was prepared to subscribe to the publications I liked best.

With the Ruden Report I’ve been fortunate to have an incredibly loyal group of advertisers that have stayed with me for years. I hope this will continue for years to come. However, I also want to continue investing in this platform. The biggest complaint I get remains why I don’t cover more. That is also my wish — I want to bring you more coverage of the FCIAC. I also want to be able to support my freelance team better. So starting this fall, you will have to subscribe to read The Ruden Report.

But I will add a unique twist. The cost for a subscription: pay what you want.

Growing up there was nothing more exciting than seeing my name in the town newspaper for sports accomplishments. I don’t want high school athletes to pay to read about themselves. So we will set up a system where they will pay no more than a dollar a year. There will then be a suggested annual price in the area of $25-30. The hope is most adults interested in access to the site will consider subscribing at that level — or perhaps even higher to allow for even greater coverage.

There will be a few more twists, like the chance to be entered into a raffle for some great prizes for those who subscribe at a much higher price point.


The plan right now is to start accepting subscriptions around August 1, with the paywall up in full on Sept. 7 — the day after Labor Day. There will be no cost to access the site for any votes, like Team of the Week and Players of the Week.

How many places are left that provide FCIAC coverage? The Ruden Report is the only site dedicated solely to the FCIAC. What is that worth?

I will let you decide.